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A Big Thank You from World Massage Conference

Massage Conference has been the largest event in massage history for 11 years running, but it’s winding up operations. The founders are retiring and the site will close in the spring of 2019. We’d like to extend a big thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years.

That being said, we’re not going anywhere soon. You’ll still be able to enjoy monthly broadcasts over the next year and support staff will be available for everyone who has purchased the Vault.

Did you miss your chance to get into the Vault?

The “Vault” contains every class ever produced by World Massage Conference – over 400 video-based massage CE classes taught by over 280 of the world’s leading massage experts. Downloadable notes and audio files are included as well as the ability to do quizzes to get certificates of completion for CE reporting. The Vault is now closed. If you want to be notified if it ever opens again, click the button below.





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About us

This year we had over 6,400 people from 95 countries watch sessions from our 2018 conference, as well as thousands more at our pre-conference and Encore broadcasts.

More than a decade ago, we came up with the crazy idea of doing a "virtual" massage conference featuring live streaming video presentations by massage experts from around the world. This was at a time when most of us were still using dial up connections to the internet, streaming video was just starting, and YouTube was still a baby. Needless to say, massage therapists loved it and it became the largest event ever in the history of massage. Even today, it remains one of the most popular events in the massage profession. Over the past decade, approximately 400,000 therapists from 194 countries have benefited from well over 400 live online broadcasts featuring over 280 massage experts. It's been an incredible journey, but the World Massage Conference partners – Eric Brown, Scott Dartnall and Melanie Hayden – are ready to retire. The site will be closing as of April 2019.