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Update: Friday, April 11th, 2014


Well this is embarrassing! We've had some significant issues in reprogramming some of the registration processes for the 2014 conference. It looks like we are almost there (for real). We've completed full testing and everything looks good. We're going to do some updates overnight. So the site may be down for a couple hours, but it will likely happen while you are sleeping.

Then it looks like we'll be moving over to the 2014 World Massage Conference site Monday. At that point access to all 2013 replays will be coming down. It took us a little longer than anticipated because we had to reprogram several of the registration processes from scratch. We'll continue to test various processes throughout the day, so the site may do some funny things as we continue to push levers and buttons behind the curtain.

Until we flip the switch, you can still access the 2013 archives, download any MP3 audio files and notes and do quizzes for certificates of completion.

If you log into the site, you can still take advantage of our pre-launch offer, the lowest price of the year. But do it now, because as we make the transition to the 2014 site later today the offer will come down.

A Unique "Virtual" Conference

The World Massage Conference is an international, online conference that broadcasts live to your computer and features the top massage experts from around the globe. It has maintained the title of "the largest event in the history of massage" six years in a row.

What’s coming in 2014?

There will be two events in 2014: A spring conference June 1 &2 and a fall conference November 16 & 17. Your registration includes both 2014 conferences and a special one-day online Massage Business Summit that is tentatively scheduled for October.

Although we are not prepared to release the final 2014 schedule of presenters, here’s a smattering of the many presentations you’ll be able to enjoy:

  • TMJ Mastery: A Massage Approach to TMJ Dysfunction with John Corry
  • Functional Range Release with Andreo Spina
  • The Science of Crystal Healing with Hibiscus Moon
  • Research Literacy with Ruth Werner
  • The Hole in Your Practice with Denis Buckley
  • Easy Spa Treatments: Creating a Spa Experience in Any Treatment Room with Felicia Brown
  • Simple Self-Care: Work Smarter, Not Harder with Andrea Collins
  • Overview of Integrated Manual Therapy with James Waslaski
  • Good Ethics is Good Business with Eric Brown
  • Trigger Point Therapy Review with Amber Davies
  • Liability Reduction with Effective Communication by Susan Salvo
  • Social Media for the Holidays with Felicia Brown
  • Traditional Healing Around the World
  • Liquid Dynamics and Matrix Hydration: New Inspiration from Fascia Science for Bodywork Practitioners with Robert Schleip
  • 42 Pound Head - Fixing Funky Necks with Erik Dalton
  • Dynamic Wraps: Using Movement to Increase Session Effectiveness with Angie Dubis
  • The Physics of Posture and Pain Relief with Patrick Mummy

And a whole lot more! Over 40 hours of continuing education from some of the top massage experts from around the world.

Login now to register for 2014 and take advantage of our Pre-Launch Special Offer. It’s coming off the site soon.