Thai Herbal Ball Therapy

Would you like something exotic and yet highly therapeutic to offer your massage clients? And would you like this new modality to be at the menus at most new cutting edge spas around the world? Would you prefer that this technique be based on centuries of traditional use in a culture famed for its hands-on healing techniques? Would you like the therapy to feature all-natural products? And, to top it off, how about if this technique was easy on your body and offered retail potentials as well? You receive all of these benefits and more with Thai Herbal Ball Therapy. This class will show you how to incorporate this delightful modality into your practice , at low cost, with the purchase of a simple vegetable steamer. The herbal balls themselves are imported direct from Chiang Mai, Thailand, made the old-fashioned way, by hand then vacuum sealed for freshness. After describing which herbs are used (hint: you may discover some exotic new Asian plants here!), this class will focus on safety and basic maneuvers then offer a step-by-step protocol for seamlessly integrating the herbal balls into a luxurious and deeply therapeutic treatment just like the ones offered at top spas. A printable protocol will be available, as well as special discounts on herbal balls and related products for all attendees.

Steve Capellini
Steve Capellini has been working in the spa industry since 1983, first as a massage therapist, then as a trainer, supervisor, consultant and writer. He has trained the staffs at several top properties and currently teaches spa workshops to massage therapists, estheticians, and entrepreneurs across the U.S. and Canada. He wrote the monthly Spa Letters column for Massage Today, and has published 4 books: The Royal Treatment, Massage Therapy Career Guide, Massage for Dummies and Making the Switch to Being Rich. As a spa spokesperson, he’s given keynote speeches and appeared on dozens of TV shows and in many magazine articles. He was in charge of developing the spa program for the Pritikin Longevity Center in Miami, FL. and the spa training curriculum for East-West College in Portland, OR. In 2007 Steve traveled to Thailand to learn Thai massage and Thai Herbal Ball techniques to incorporate into massage and spa treatments.

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