Touched by Untouchables: Massage As a Tool To Bridge Cultures and Heal Humanity

At a one-of-a-kind massage school in Kathmandu, Nepal, Dr. Bauer’s words have become literal truth. There, “untouchables” from the lowest level of society have been given new lives in the most unexpected of ways—through touching. Steve Capellini was so inspired by Colorado massage therapist Rob Buckley’s dream that he jumped on a plane bound for Katmandu Nepal in spring of 2010 to meet Rob in person and to volunteer his own teaching expertise.  After graduating massage school, Rob envisioned a different type of future for himself. Rather than working in a spa or a clinic, he would return to Nepal, where he had served as a Peace Corps volunteer in 2000, and open that nation’s first massage school. And, he decided, his students would be “untouchables,” classified from birth as the lowliest members of the caste system, an officially banished but still very real part of life in that part of the world. His school is a success, with graduates working in several spas across Nepal, India and even the US. Now, his dream is expanding, as he is building a stand-alone center to house more students. The untouchables who train at Rob’s Himalayan Healers radically shift their lives. Many recover from pasts of extreme trauma. They go forth to spread a message of hope. Their touch, once shunned, becomes a blessing. Join us for this uplifting and inspirational presentation where Steve will showcase Rob’s work and focus on several of his students and how their lives have been changed.

Steve Capellini
Steve Capellini has been working in the spa industry since 1983, first as a massage therapist, then as a trainer, supervisor, consultant and writer. He has trained the staffs at several top properties and currently teaches spa workshops to massage therapists, estheticians, and entrepreneurs across the U.S. and Canada. He wrote the monthly Spa Letters column for Massage Today, and has published 4 books: The Royal Treatment, Massage Therapy Career Guide, Massage for Dummies and Making the Switch to Being Rich. As a spa spokesperson, he’s given keynote speeches and appeared on dozens of TV shows and in many magazine articles. He was in charge of developing the spa program for the Pritikin Longevity Center in Miami, FL. and the spa training curriculum for East-West College in Portland, OR. In 2007 Steve traveled to Thailand to learn Thai massage and Thai Herbal Ball techniques to incorporate into massage and spa treatments.

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