LaStone® Therapy

LaStone® Therapy offers to the body worker relief for their tired, over worked hands and wrists, a break from exhausting hours of massage or deep tissue work. For the Energy worker LaStone® offers assistance in bringing balance to the Body-Mind-Soul with the use of Mother Earth's Stone People. LaStone® is a multifaceted technique designed to benefit the client and therapist at once. The therapeutic potential of this treatment goes beyond measure. The physiological benefits of alternating hot and cold to the body have long been scientifically and medically proven. Clients love the potent recharge they receive in the treatment; as they walk forth into the sacred stream of life; clients unanimously express the same feelings as they leave the treatment table. “I feel balanced. I feel cradled in Mother Earth's Energies. I feel renewed and reenergized.” In this presentation you’ll learn the history and basics theory of LaStone® Therapy from its creator. Discover how to bring the benefits of this wonderful and magical treatment to yourself and your clients and learn how to integrate LaStone® into your practice.

Mary Nelson
Mary D. Nelson is the founder of LaStone® therapy and one of the leading pioneers in research and development of Geo-thermal-therapy, a technique that utilizes the application of hot and cold stones to the body to bring about a chemical, emotional and Spiritual response. Mary has been experimenting with these theories in conjunction with her development of LaStone® therapy for seventeen years now. Mary was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona the exact location of the birth of the stones, as we know them in this decade to be used in massage. She is the mother of two young adults one of whom is still living at home with her and raising her only grandson. Mary graduated from The Desert Institute of the Healing Arts (DIHA) in Tucson, Arizona in 1991, she has been practicing massage therapy ever since and teaching LaStone® therapy since its conception in August of 1993.

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