Essential Communication Skills for a Successful Practice

For building and maintaining a successful practice, our communication skills matter just as much as our hands-on techniques. This presentation explores two of the most common problems in practitioner-client conversations: mind-reads and predictions. We all communicate in these ways from time to time, often with the best of intentions, but often to the detriment of our relationship with our clients. You’ll learn how to recognize when you fall into these communication traps and will discover strategies for steering each conversation in a more productive direction.

Ben Benjamin
Ben E. Benjamin holds a doctorate in sports medicindebde and education. He studied under orthopedic medicine pioneer Dr. James Cyriax. Dr. Benjamin has taught for more than 30 years and has been in practice for more than 45 years. He is the author of dozens of articles on injuries as well as the texts Listen To Your Pain, Are You Tense? and Exercise Without Injury. He now offers a variety of online continuing education courses which can be found at his website:

Amy Yeager
Amy Yeager is co-author of Conversation Transformation: Recognize and Overcome the 6 Most Destructive Communication Patterns. She has designed and led communications trainings for a wide variety of groups, ranging from massage therapy schools and group practices to multinational corporations. She is certified as a senior trainer in SAVI, the System for Analyzing Verbal Interaction.

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