42 Pound Head - Fixing Funky Necks

The neck is burdened with the challenging task of supporting the head while at the same time allowing an incredible range of movement. Because of tension, trauma and poor postural habits, it comes as no surprise that head-on-neck and neck-on-thorax disorders rank high among the most common pain generators driving people into your practice, as clients show up in your office with degenerative joint disease and pain from headaches, rib dysfunction, TMJ, and Dowager's Hump. Join Erik Dalton in this fascinating presentation where you’ll learn how to move beyond treating the symptoms and instead stop the problem at its source.
  • Date: 14 November 2016 11:30 AM
  • Category: Modalities/Techniques
  • Presenter: Erik Dalton
  • URL: http://erikdalton.com/