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Welcome to the conference you attend without leaving your home or office. It's like watching TV except you get to interact live with top massage experts from around the word - the presenters you’ve only dreamed of seeing - as well as the opportunity to connect personally with thousands of like-minded professionals at the largest event in massage history.

The live events are over for the year, but everything is recorded and available for instant online access and you can get certificates of completion for CE reporting for all presentations*.

It's a full 40 hours of continuing education available for just a fraction of the cost of what a typical conference would cost. Register now for instant access.

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Register for the World Massage Conference to get instant access to the replays.Topics range from techniques, treatments and self-care to research, business and ethics.
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The World Massage Conference is a virtual massage conference. It allows massage therapists, bodyworkers, and manual therapists from around the world to learn from international massage experts that most practitioners would never be able to see in their lives, all without having to pay for travel, hotel or meals

Using cutting edge technology, the conference is broadcast live on the Internet. The 2015 conference year will feature two two-day conference events in June and November as well as a one-day ABMP Back Summit. Broadcasts are recorded and on-demand replays are available to watch at your leisure. Participants can also get certificates of completion for all presentations for CE reporting.*

The conference launched in 2008 with over 8,000 paid registrants and has grown to about 20,000 registrants in 2014 with hundreds of thousands of visitors from 131 countries.


Learn from some of the top massage and bodywork experts from around the world - people you only dream of seeing in real life. Connect with them one-on-one during live broadcasts where they will be available to answer all your questions personally.
CG Funk

CG Funk is the Vice President of Industry Relations and Product Development for Massage Envy Limited. She has been involved with the massage profession for over 18 years as a practicing massage therapist, massage educator, school administrator, conference speaker writer and legislative activist.

Anne Williams

Anne is Director of Education at ABMP. She has written two massage text books: “Spa Bodywork” and “Massage Mastery” and was editor for the book Teaching Massage. In her free time she loves rock climbing and anything that gets her out into Colorado’s beautiful natural landscape

Tina Allen

Tina Allen, founder of Liddle Kidz Foundation, is largely credited with popularizing pediatric massage therapy. She has created pediatric massage programs in leading medical institutions including the Mayo Clinic. She is the recipient of numerous industry awards.

Til Luchau

Til Luchau's popular webinars are visual and imaginative voyages into the fascinating world of massage and bodywork. Til is an Advanced Certified Rolfer and the originator of Skillful Touch Bodywork, the Rolf Institute's own training and practice modality.

Heath and Nicole Reed

Heath and Nicole Reed have had the fortune to study with some of the greatest masters of Thai Massage, Yoga, and Qi Gong throughout the world. For years, they’ve been teaching how to integrate presence and movement with simple hands-on techniques to provide effective results.

Ruth Werner

Ruth Werner is a massage therapist, educator, and author of the textbook A Massage Therapist’s Guide to Pathology that is used in massage schools worldwide. She is past president of the Massage Therapy Foundation & received the Jerome Perlinski Teacher of the Year Award in 2005.

Michael McGillicuddy

Michael McGillicuddy is also an internationally recognized speaker and author and is the President of USA Pro-Sports. He is owner and administrator of the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy He has specialized in sports massage and pain management for the last 30 years.

Eric Brown

Eric Brown has trained thousands of therapists at massage therapy colleges and is a well-recognized business expert. He is a co-founder of World Massage Conference and Massage Therapy Radio. He pioneered chair massage in Canada and authored the bestselling book, 60 Clients in 60 Days.

Robert Schleip

Robert Schleip has practiced Rolfing for 30 years, Feldenkrais for over 20, and has instructed at the Rolf Institute. Known worldwide as a thoughtful, enthusiastic, and engaging teacher, he co-founded the International Fascia Research Congress first held at Harvard Medical School.

Diana Thompson

Diana, a licensed massage therapist for 30 years, has a private practice in Seattle, WA, specializing in post-operative care. She lectures at massage, acupuncture, midwifery, chiropractic, physician and physical therapy conferences internationally and is a consultant for massage therapy research.

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, is the Healing From the Core curriculum developer for The Upledger Institute. She has been teaching and mentoring in the area of conscious awareness and its relationships to the healing process for over 25 years.

Pete Whitridge

Pete Whitridge has been a massage therapist since 1988. He served on the Florida Board of Massage Therapy, teaches at several massage schools and is a frequent speaker for AMTA, FSMTA, and FCA conventions. Pete is the President of the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education.

Felicia Brown

Felicia Brown, owner of Spalutions, provides business and marketing advice to massage and spa professionals. Felicia is a sought after public speaker, the author of Every Touch Marketing and writes regularly for publications like Massage Therapy Journal, Massage Magazine, and Massage & Bodywork.

Angie Patrick

Angie Patrick is the Director of Business Development and Corporate Sales for Massage Warehouse. Her experience with the world’s largest massage retailer provides her a uniquely qualified view of current market trends, fads, and newly emerging and mainstay products in the massage industry.

Whitney Lowe

Whitney Lowe is a recognized authority on pain and injury treatment. His contributions to the massage field are wide-ranging and include, professional publications, teaching, clinical work, consulting, and participation in national boards and committees.

Erik Dalton

Renowned manual therapist, Erik Dalton, pulls from his extensive background in massage, Rolfing and manipulative osteopathy in his entertaining and innovative pain-management workshops, books and videos. He is the developer of Myoskeletal Alignment Technique and author of Dynamic Body.

Irene Diamond

Irene Diamond is a well-loved Massage Business Coach and mentor. As the founder of San Francisco’s very first Wellness Center she knows what it takes to run a thriving massage business. Diamond is proud to be an inductee in the Massage World Hall of Fame.

Angie Dubis

For over 10 years Angie has been designing and teaching continuing education classes that focus on bringing balance to the body, mind and energy of both the therapist and the client. She teaches and blogs for Biotone Professional Massage products and hosts .

Drew Freedman

Drew Freedman’s professional career started as an Athletic Trainer. He’s worked with athletes from teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tampa Bay Mutiny as well as various Olympic teams. His clinic, the Boston Bodyworker, is a thriving clinic treating over 250 patients a week.

Douglas Nelson

Doug Nelson has been practicing massage therapy since 1977 with a focus on Precision Neuromuscular Therapy. He is the founder of NMT MidWest, teaching Precision Neuromuscular Therapy both in the US and abroad.

The Fredericks

Ann and her husband Chris are both certified by Thomas Myers in KMI and are the authors of the popular book Stretch to Win and Fascial Stretch Therapy. They’ve directed their own successful center for nearly 20 years and offer certification training in Fascial Stretch Therapy.

Kevin Morford

Dr. Kevin Morford is a recognized expert in the connection and integration of the mind, body, and spirit to stimulate healing. He graduated with Certification in Chiropractic Neurology from Parker College and serves on the faculty of Oklahoma State University instructing future doctors in health sciences.

Larry Steinbeck

Larry Steinbeck is a physical therapy and athletic trainer. He is an instructor for the Fascial Manipulation Association, out of Italy, teaching courses on Fascial Manipulation that were developed by Luigi Stecco. He also has certification in trigger point dry needling.

Paula Nutting

Paula Nutting has presented nationally and internationally. Paula has a health background in emergency nursing, beauty, sports training and has completed and taught with the Bachelor Degree in Musculoskeletal Therapy.

Lily Ofir

Lily Ofir is a certified practitioner with 18 years of experience. Lily’s love for travel and adventure has exposed her to unique massage techniques from around the world. Besides being the Spa Director at Relaxus Products, she teaches Thai Stem Massage and other modalities.

Simeon Niel-Asher

Simeon Niel-Asher is an Osteopath and is an acknowledged leader in the field of trigger point medicine, having authored three books on the subject. He teaches throughout Europe, South America, the USA and the Middle East. His pioneering techniques are practiced by over 5000 therapists worldwide.

Pamela Fitch

For decades, Pamela Fitch has become a passionate advocate for massage therapy both nationally and internationally. Her text, Talking Body Listening Hands was released in 2014 and represents a lifetime of writing, mentoring and consulting work on the topic of client-centered care.

Jeff Shearer

Jeff is the owner of Ethical Practice which assists the healthcare industry to develop with integrity. Jeff has been in private health practice since 1995 and presents regularly to Australian and international audiences via live and online events.

Nina Cherie Franklin

With over 15 years of combined experience in the health & fitness and medical field, Nina Cherie, PhD, is a researcher, educator and advocate for lifestyle medicine. She is currently a Research Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Physical Therapy at the University of Illinois.

Eric Brown, Melanie Hayden, Jay Fiset and Jerrilyn Cambron

**Eric Brown: Eric Brown MT has trained thousands of therapists at massage therapy colleges and is a well-recognized business expert. He is a co-founder of World Massage Conference and Massage Therapy Radio. He pioneered chair massage in Canada and authored the bestselling book, 60 Clients in 60 Days.

Clint Chandler
Corrective & Restorative Massage Therapy Services

Clint Chandler is a recognized leader in the field of massage therapy education, receiving the Jerome Perlinski National Teacher of the year award in 2002. Clint has developed and implemented core and advanced curriculum for some of America’s leading educational institutions, programs, and publishers.

Drew Freedman and Rick Garbowski


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  • Select pre-conference and encore presentations
  • All spring conference presentations
  • All fall conference presentations
  • Downloadable mp3 audio files
  • Access to on-demand replays
  • Certificates of completion for CE reporting *
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Here are just a few of the many reasons thousands of massage professionals from around the world attend World Massage Conference year after year.
Two Action-Packed Live Conferences

Enjoy two live conference events (June 1, 2 & Nov 15, 16) that you can watch from the convenience of your home or office. No need for expensive flights, hotels or meals.

Pre-Conference and Encore Presentations

Throughout the year you’ll get to enjoy some of the top presentations from the conference while you chat one-on-one with our celebrity presenters.

Win Great Prizes Just by Showing Up

Thousands of dollars in prizes from our sponsors and partners wil be given away throughout the year: Everything from e-courses and videos to massage lotion and tables.

Audios and Notes Are Yours Forever

You’ll be able to download audios of all presentations as well as presenter notes. You can create a fantastic library that’s yours to keep and refer to forever. Throw the audio files on your MP3 player and listen on the go: On your daily commute to work or your daily walk.

NEW! Getting Continuing Education Couldn't Be Easier

Get certificates on completion for CE reporting* now included in your registration at no extra cost. It couldn't be easier: Listen to a presentation, do the short quiz and download your certificate of completion.

Make New Friends

Connect and chat with thousands of massage professionals from around the globe. It’s a unique opportunity to meet your colleagues, not just in your backyard, but on the other side of the world!

Chat One-on-One with Your Favorite Celebrities

Meet all our presenters in the chat room. Get to know them and have all your questions answered personally. How cool would it be to have a conversation with your favorite massage celebrity?

Replays Available 7-24!

If you miss a live presentation, it’s not a problem. All presentations are recorded and available for on-demand replay almost immediately following the live broadcast. You can access these recordings at the time and place that’s most convenient for you.

More Video Than Ever Before

We’re introducing more video. Instead of simply getting the theory through a typical slide presentation, these professionally produced videos allow you to get close and personal with a better view than you'd ever get at an in-person event.


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