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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions


Like a live conference, most presenters use PowerPoint for their presentations. However, most presenters also include 30 minutes of video to complement their presentation and allow you to see the technique or modality they've discussed in action. Just stay on the broadcast page and any video will start playing immediately after the the formal presentation. We also have put together some engaging supplemental video that we play between featured presentations. lIt's like watching TV. Unlike other conference sites, you don't have to navigate around or search for videos; just sit back and enjoy.

This rarely happens. There may be a couple of issues, in particular if you have issues watching the video segments.

  1. You don’t have the latest version of the Flash player. Download and install it from here. It’s free and it takes just a few seconds to do: http://www.adobe.com/go/EN_US-H-GET-FLASH
  2. If you are having problems viewing, you’re probably running Vista and Internet Explorer. The combination is filled with bugs and there’s nothing we can do about it – it’s an Adobe bug they don’t care to fix. Solution: use the Firefox browser. It works, even with Vista. Download the Firefox browser here: http://getfirefox.com/ It will take a few minutes but you’ll thank yourself for not dealing with Internet Explorer anymore.
  3. We said it already, but it's worth repeating - have more than one browser installed. In addition to the standard Internet Explorer browser, install either FireFox (probably the most reliable) or Chrome. Each browser interacts with our particular system in it's own way and each one has little quirks that cause some issues. Unfortunately we can not control how the browsers work, that is why we suggest having a couple of them at the ready. Computers are complicated, temperamental and like to keep you in the "can't live with it, can't live without it" zone. If the presentations don't stream in one browser, try them in another.
  4. Restart your computer. I know, it's unpleasant, but after a few days, weird stuff happens, computers run out of memory and sometimes that’s all you need to do for it to be happy again.
  5. You are watching on an iPad or iPhone. All videos in the replay room will play on iPad or iPhone, however live broadcasts do not. We are working to be able to stream live broadcasts for the 2% of visitors who access the site on one of these devices. We hope to have it launched for the 2012 conference, although we cannot guarantee it will be ready in time for the sping event. 

You may receive access to written transcripts for a limited number of selected presentations. We're not making any promises though. If they are available you'll find them in the "Bonuses" area once you log into the site.

Between 2% and 3% of our visitors access our site with an iPad or iPhone. We use some Flash elements to broadcast live presentations. The problem is that these Apple devices don’t support Flash, which is currently one of the most stable and commonly used to stream video. We are working to be able to stream live broadcasts on one of these devices by using alternative streaming technology. We hope to have it launched for the 2012 conference, although we cannot guarantee it will be ready in time for the sping event. However, we record all presentations and encode them in an iPad friendly format in the replay room and these are typically available to view within hours of the live broadcast. There's nothing special you have to do. We recognize your device and will play the video/broadcast in the appropriate format for you.

Yes you can. Our system allows us to stream most live presentations with very little bandwidth, making it possible to attend the sessions via a dial up connection. All presentations are simulcast by phone and many local call-in numbers are available in the USA and other countries. So if you have difficulty with the speed of your connection, you can simply download the handouts and listen to the presentations by phone. It will be a challenge to view any videos with dial up however, so you might need to watch the video portions of the presentations as a replay from another location with high speed access.

If you are registered you have access to recorded replays of all presentations. To access these, simply log in and click the “Replay room” button or link which you’ll find in the participant area. You have access 24/7 up until March 2013!

Getting Started


Click here to register. Choose the type of access you'd like and then follow the simple two step registration process. If you are an massage instructor at a massage career school, a member of one of our partner associations or are simply willing to tell others about the conference, you can register at half price. We take payment by Visa, Mastercard. You can also use your PayPal account to pay with your PayPal balance, or debit card by choosing the PayPal tab at the bottom of the payment page. We do not accept checks. If you are a Massage Envy employee, please contact your office admin or franchise owner and ask them about your special registration arrangements for the World Massage Conference.

The registration fee is only $199USD and provides you with over 50 hours of continuing education. It's possible to get half price registration. Go to the Registration Page, select the Full Access option and then select the “I want my registration at half price” button to see if you may be eligible.

When you go to the Register Now page, choose the "Full Access" option you'll see that there is an opportunity to get the conference at half price: Only $99.50 (regularly $197). If you are an massage instructor at a massage career school or a member of one of our partner associations, you can register at half price. Simply choose your organization from the dropdown list as you go through the registration process and the discount will be automatically applied to your registration. If your association or school is not in the list, you can still get the conference for 50% off by telling your friends about the conference. This is a win for everyone. We save money in advertising the conference, your friends find out about this fantastic event and you save almost $100 for making the referral.

As a teacher it’s important that you are up to date with what’s happening in the profession and the World Massage Conference will help you stay abreast of the latest techniques and trends. All teachers can get access to the conference for 50% off the regular registration fee. Go to the registration page: http://worldmassageconference.com/register-now.htm, choose the “I want my registration at half price” button, then click the “I am an instructor” button. You’ll be asked to identify the school that you teach at for confirmation purposes before checking out.

Full time massage students can attend the live conference broadcasts for FREE! Go to the registration page: http://worldmassageconference.com/register-now.htm, choose the registration link for students and fill in the form. There will be a small fee if you want access to view the recorded replays and you’ll see that special offer after you log into the participant area. Students cannot purchase continuing education certificates.

We have made special arrangements for all Massage Envy employees. Contact your clinic owner or administrator for details.

How to Participate


After you register for the conference the World Massage Conference will send you a username and password. The username is typically your email address. Click the "Sign in" tab at the top right of your screen and enter your username and password into the Login box. You’ll be brought to a private participant area. During the live conference dates, simply click the prominent “Broadcast Room” button on the page and a new window will open where you can watch the live presentations. It’s like watching TV except that you get to interact with the presenter and other participants by asking questions and chatting in the online chat room. To access replays after the live conferences are over, simply log in and enter the “Replay room” to access all of the recorded presentations. The 2012 program replay’s will be accessible until March 2013 so you will have plenty of time to take in all of the great education offered.

Your username is typically the email that you used when you signed up. If you’ve forgotten your password, simply click the “Request new password” link under the Conference Login box. You’ll be prompted to enter your email address or username. An email will be sent to the email we have on file for you with instructions for setting up a new password. Just follow the instructions in that email to change your password and log in.

You can log into the World Massage Conference by using your Facebook account.

Our technology allows you to listen to the audio seamlessly even if you have a slow dial up connection. If things get ugly, you have the option of listening to the live presentations by phone. We provide local access numbers throughout the States. You’ll find the dial in number on the broadcast page. There are videos associated with most presentations. Even though we do our best to keep video sizes small, they do not stream well with dial up connections. However, these are supplemental to the primary presentations, so you won't miss the meat of any presentation. If you really want to view the video you have at least four months following each conference to view the replays, so you have an excuse to visit with a friend so you can use their computer for a little while or make a quick trip to an Internet cafe or watch at your office.

The complete schedule is located here: http://worldmassageconference.com/printableschedule. Please note that every effort is made to keep the schedule as originally posted, but on occasion broadcast times, presentation topics or presenters may change without notice. The most current schedule will always be posted on that page.

Within 24 hours after each live presentation recorded replays will be available. You can log in anytime and view the recorded video presentations online. You have up until March 31st of the year following the conference to view these replays online. Registrants also have the option to download the audio recordings to put onto their MP3 players or burn to CDs.

The conference is held live online - on your computer! This is a "virtual conference" and there's no need to travel anywhere. All presentations can be attended live either by phone or on the web. Online notes or slide shows will accompany each presentation. At the time of a presentation, you simply log into the World Massage Conference website and enter the “Live Broadcast” its like a "virtual classroom". It's not complicated. In fact, it's a lot like watching TV, but during the live event it’s even cooler because you get to interact with the presenter and other viewers via the WMC online chat area. Replays of all presentations will be available within 24hrs after the live presentations in case you cannot attend the live session. If you really want to travel to the conference, then go somewhere nice like a beautiful lakefront cottage or a Caribbean island. Just be sure to bring your laptop with you.

These are the top educators and presenters from around the globe and based on feedback we get every year from happy participants, we know that you’ll love it. If you really need proof before you register, attend one of our pre-conference broadcasts so you can get a little taste of the full meal deal. Sign up for the World Massage Conference newsletter here and we’ll notify you when these are happening.

Every year we have over 50 presenters. These are some of the top massage educators from around the world. We search out the best educators in each category including modality, research, ethics, business, treatments and techniques - and you get access to all of them 24/7 and you can watch your favourites over and over as many times as you like up until March 2013! To see this year’s lineup of presenters, go to: http://worldmassageconference.com/2012/presentation-list.htm

Each year in August we solicit requests for proposals. Sign up to the newsletter to be notified for when we are taking applications. [link] This year we are holding a contest for a presentation spot in the Fall conference. This will give aspiring educators and presenters we have not profiled previously a chance to show their stuff. For full contest details, go here: [link]

Continuing Ed. Credits


Because this is a global conference with attendees from around the world, the process of developing CEU arrangements with hundreds of international associations and regulatory bodies is a difficult and time consuming one that we are working on. We will post information on individual associations and governing bodies as it becomes available and you can find it here:

American massage therapists can check out this page to see an outline of CE requirements by State

Canadian massage therapists see this page for outline of CE requirements by province (coming soon)

All other therapists can check out this international list for current information we have on file (coming soon)

We do find that many, if not most, governing bodies, will grant continuing education credits to members for online continuing education activities like this conference even when the World Massage Conference is not in their official registrar as a CE provider.

It is your responsibility to know how many credits you may receive and the types of credits. We cannot be responsible for gathering that information for you and highly suggest you contact your own association or governing body for details.

You’ll see these available for purchase on the checkout page when registering for the conference. If you have already paid for registeration, log into the participant area and click either the "Quizzes" or "Archived Certificate" links that you’ll see in the navigation menu after logging into the participant area.

Certificates of completion for most presentations are available for a small one-time fee to cover administrative costs associated with managing and record keeping. You can purchase these on registration or in the participant area if you have already registered. Certificates for over 50 hours of continuing education will be available for the 2012 program. To get your certificates, take the quiz associated with any presentation and you will be awarded a certificate of completion if you achieve a passing grade of 80% or higher. This certificate can be printed and submitted as documentation of continuing education activities if it is required and/or permitted by your regulatory body. Almost all sessions are NCBTMB approved and certificates meet all NCBTMB requirements.

Log into the participant area and click the "Archived Certificates" link to view any CE certificates you’ve obtained as part of the conference. If you are a past conference participant, you'll continue to have access to any certificates you've obtained from 2011 onwards. We highly suggest you save a copy of these to your computer or print a hard copy for reference.



The World Massage Conference can connect you to a massive number of massage professionals from around the world. Become a Featured Sponsor for the greatest visibility. For those with smaller budgets we suggest you exhibit in our unique virtual tradeshow.

Sponsorship provides you broad exposure to an international audience of massage professionals. Get more information on sponsorship.

The virtual tradeshow is a unique interactive showcase of products and services for massage and spa professionals. It’s like browsing the aisles of a real live tradeshow where you can stop into vendor booths to get more information and take advantage of show specials. Check out the tradeshow now (not viewable on iPhone or iPads). You can also get information on purchasing a tradeshow booth.



By signing up for our affiliate program you’ll make 25% of the regular registration fee from anyone who signs up as a result of your referral. It’s free to join the affiliate program. Once you’ve signed up you’ll receive a special tracking link, emails and promotional images that you can use to direct people to this site. Watch these videos to learn how to get the most out of the program.

Anyone can become an affiliate and make 25% of the registration fee from anyone who signs up as a result of your referral.

If you are an affiliate, click here to sign in and access promotional tools.



Besides another stellar lineup of international presenters we are working hard behind the scenes to deliver an even more engaging experience. You'll find:

  • A whole new look and feel
  • Easier navigation
  • A more seamless path to get access to the broadcasts you want
  • More integration with Facebook
  • More opportunities to connect and engage with your colleagues from around the world
  • An iPad or iPhone compatible replay room (and we are working at being able to deliver the live broadcasts to these devices as well)
  • Exciting video programming between featured presentations
  • Thousands of dollars of prizes to giveaway
  • And more...

This is the best place to start. Just browse through the site and the FAQs and you’ll have pretty much any question answered. We highly suggest that if nothing else, you sign up for the World Massage Conference free account. This will allow us to send you invites to free pre-conference broadcasts, so you can experience firsthand how easy online learning is and how fun it is to connect with colleagues from around the world.

The co-founders of this event are Eric Brown, Scott Dartnall and Melanie Hayden. You can get more information about the founders on the About Us page.