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Massage Professionals from Around the World Get Free Access to All Live World Massage Conference 2018 Classes

World Massage Conference is hosting its last conference in 2018 and is making all live classes freely available to massage therapists and bodywork professionals from around the world. The conference broadcasts live from March 11th to March 15th.

World Massage Conference, the groundbreaking “virtual conference that you attend from the convenience of your home or office”, launched in 2008. It was the first live streaming event in the massage profession. Over the past decade, the conference has hosted well over 400 live online classes and has had close to 400,000 unique visitors from 194 countries.

World Massage Conference founders – Eric Brown, Scott Dartnall and Melanie Hayden – have have all been pursuing ventures both within and outside of the profession. To make way for their new adventures, they have decided that 2018 will be the last year that they host the World Massage Conference together. As a send off, they wanted to do something spectacular, both as a celebration and as a thank you to the profession for its generous support over the years.

“We wanted to do something extra special,” says Melanie Hayden. “We normally charge $199 for registration for one conference, but for the 2018 World Massage Conference we will be providing access to all live classes absolutely free! We expect tens of thousands of therapists and bodyworkers from around the world to attend. Simply visit the site to get your login credentials.”

But what may be even more exciting is the release of their extensive library of classes that have been recorded over the years. They are opening what they call the “Vault” on March 11th.

The Vault consists of over 400 video-based classes from ten years of production plus all of the content from the 2018 conference. These classes are taught by more than 280 massage experts from around the world, including Erik Dalton, Thomas Myers, Tina Allen, Laura Allen, Hans Axelson, Whitney Lowe, Susan Salvo, Ruth Werner, Diana Thompson, Benny Vaughn, Lisa Upledger, Anne Williams, Linda Tellington-Jones, Ben Benjamin, James Waslaski, Bonnie Prudden, Tiffany Field and hundreds of other renowned educators.

Purchasers can view the video-based classes online, download notes and audio recordings of the presentations, as well as do quizzes to get certificates of completion for CE reporting where that’s allowed in the therapist’s regulatory jurisdiction. The World Massage Conference Vault officially opens on March 11th and will be available for purchase for one week only.

“The number of classes that are available is mind-boggling,” say Eric Brown who has been working with a team to catalogue and publish this extensive collection for its release at the beginning of the March conference. “We’ve covered pretty much every topic you can think of and have everything from Dr John Upledger telling the story of first discovering the craniosacral rhythm during a brain surgery to Robert Schleip updating the profession on current fascia research every year.”

To get free registration to the live 2018 conference or to get more information about the Vault, go to

World Massage Conference was founded by Canadian massage therapists Eric Brown, Scott Dartnall and Melanie Hayden. This groundbreaking virtual online conference, now in its 11th year of production, is broadly regarded as the largest massage event in the history of massage.

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