Naming our favorite presenter is a lot like trying to name your favorite child, but one favorite among both the World Massage Conference staff and viewers is Tina Allen, the founder of the Liddle Kidz Foundation. Thanks to Tina, hundreds of thousands of kids around the world are receiving the benefits of touch, in hospitals, orphanages, and other childcare centers throughout the world.

At World Massage Conference, we’ve featured Tina Allen pretty much every year and have broadcast two of her documentaries of her outreaches in Vietnam and the Philippines.

We often talk about “integrative medicine” in the massage profession and Tina Allen has probably done more to have massage integrated into mainstream facilities like hospitals than anyone in the profession. Watch this short clip that profiles her work at the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in San Fransicso…

Register here to  watch Tina’s presentation, Introduction to Pediatric Massage, for free at World Massage Conference on March 11th. Or get access to the Vault, a collection of over 400 classes produced at World Massage Conference, where we have about 20 classes devoted to infant and pediatric massage.

For more information on the Liddle Kidz Foundation including workshops, resources, and international volunteer opportunities, go to:

Tina Allen trampolining with WMC’s Marla Gold (blurry face) and Eric Brown