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Kinesiology Taping to Enhance Clinical Outcomes for Low Back Pain with Drew Freedman and Rick Garbowski
Watch: Tuesday, March 13, 2018, 10 am ET (What time in your time zone?)
Kinesiology taping is a method of treatment that is being used more and more in the massage arena. New research has concluded that the application of kinesiology tape reduces pain in clients with chronic low back pain. Join Drew Freedman and Rick Garbowski from Learn2Tape as they discuss the proper use of kinesiology tape and show you effective applications that will enhance your clinical outcomes in the treatment of low back pain. Visit Rick and Drew online.

Crossing the Client-Therapist Boundary with Ben Benjamin and Cherie Sohnen-Moe
Watch: Tuesday, March 13, 2018, 1 pm ET (What time in your time zone?)
With the recent media attention on ethical violations in the massage profession, it’s vital that we re-examine the role of boundaries in the client-therapist relationship. Even though most massage professionals maintain high ethical standards, boundaries are often inadvertently crossed, putting both therapists and clients at risk. In this presentation, you’ll discover common areas where boundary crossings occur. You’ll learn to bring more awareness to your professional relationship and develop strategies for effective boundaries for healthy therapeutic relationships. Visit Cherie Sohnen-Moe and Ben Benjamin online.

Effortless Results with Paula Nutting
Watch: Tuesday, March 13, 2018, 9 pm ET (What time in your time zone?)
To get longevity out of your career you need two things: Effective client results and an approach that’s easy on your body. Your clients’ results are achieved through an effective treatment protocol which should have depth of maneuvers and be gentle on your body. The level of stress to your body is determined by your personal focus to your own muscle balance, tone and flexibility. Tune in to learn some simple, easy techniques that both you and your clients can use between appointments to stay strong, balanced and flexible. Visit Paula Nutting online.

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