Welcome to the new World Massage Conference

About Us

A Unique Event in Massage History

The World Massage Conference is a virtual massage conference produced for massage therapists, bodyworkers, manual therapists and spa professionals from around the world and features many of the top international educators in the profession. 

Using cutting edge technology, the conference is broadcast live on the Internet. The 2014 conference year will feature two two-day conference events in June and November as well as a one-day Massage Business Summit. 
Broadcasts are recorded and on-demand replays are available to watch at your leisure. Participants can also get certificates of completion for all presentations for CE reporting. Most presentations are NCBTMB-approved.

The conference was created from a desire to create a community of professionals from around the world who wanted to share information and ideas for the purpose of developing themselves and the profession. It launched in 2008 as one of the first virtual conferences ever offered in any industry, with over 8,000 paid registrants making it the largest event in the history of massage. It has grown to over 15,000 registrants in 2013 with hundreds of thousands of visitors from 131 countries.

A key theme driving the conference has been “Accessibility” and the conference makes it possible for participants to learn from some of the top minds in the world, educators that most therapists would never be able to see in their lives, without having to pay for travel, hotel or meals and with technology that can be used by anyone, anywhere. It is even simulcast by phone with hundreds of local access numbers in various countries around the world for those without reliable Internet access. The registration fees are offset by sponsorship making the conference financially accessible even for the poorest practitioners.

The Founders

Eric Brown

Eric Brown is a massage therapist living in Toronto, Canada and is an internationally recognized massage business expert, writing regularly for massage magazines and trade publications internationally. He pioneered chair massage in Canada starting in the early 90's and online education in the massage profession starting with BodyworkBiz back in 1999. He is a co-founder of Massage Therapy Radio and has recently launched Thermal Palms, a soft alternative to hot stone massage. He enjoys rock climbing and loves being a dad.

Melanie Hayden

Melanie Hayden left the high-tech corporate oil and gas world behind and became a Registered Massage Therapist more than 16 years ago. Melanie has presented throughout Canada and the US. She served her professional community as the president of a national Canadian massage association for over 6 years. She created The Healing Cocoon and The Global SisterHood to support her ongoing workshop development for women and massage therapists and organizes women’s retreat weekends for fun and wellness. She is a partner in Massage Therapy Radio, and World Massage Conference. She is completing work on her first book entitled Awakening Cellular Joy.

Scott Dartnall

Scott has been a massage therapist for over two decades and is a co-founder of Massage Therapy Radio. He is owner of the One Concept group of companies that includes the American Massage Conference and the Canadian Massage Conference.

Other key team members

There are dozens of people who contribute to making this conference work each year. In particular we would like to thank…

Marla Gold

Marla Gold's studies in energy psychology, energy medicine, holistic therapies and movement education have inspired her to become a teacher of health and well-being. Marla is a strong advocate for understanding how to use the body's natural abilities for healing. Marla is the creator of Body-Rhythms, a daily practice that integrates the use of Energy Medicine Techniques, tapping and tracing meridians to energize and balance the body, all choreographed to music that makes you want to move. She is Director of Acuball Trainings and our very own World Massage Conference Administrative Goddess.

Adnan Shareef

Adnan is our technical genius who pushes all the buttons and pulls all the levers behind the curtain. He has a Masters in Computer Sciences and is passionate about web development and creating web applications. (Someone has to love this stuff). He also loves a good omlette for breakfast. He's a dedicated family guy, so when he's not doing World Massage Conference stuff, he's spending time with his lovely wife Mona and his new son.